About Alberta BSN

Alberta BSN is a collective of regional business support networks in Alberta that work together to build stronger partnerships within their respective business communities, and that address common local and regional workplace challenges. Alberta BSN Partner regions include the Town of Mayerthorpe/Lac Ste. Anne County; the Town of Fox Creek/MD of Greenview; the Town of Barrhead/Barrhead County; and the Town of Whitecourt/Woodlands County. Explore the BSN member sections on this website for regional business news, events and related resources.

Alberta BSN brings regional businesses, business organizations and government groups together on a regular basis to identify and address common business and human resource issues. This group works together to:

  • Identify common workforce challenges and current labour market trends.
  • Address identified trends and challenges, as a group, by exchanging ideas and building partnerships, as an open, respectful and positive business network.
  • Our goal is to create a safe environment to collaborate ways to address common workplace challenges through building partnerships.

BSN event attendees are surveyed annually or bi-annually to ensure meeting topics are both relevant, and meet the needs of attendees.

Upcoming BSN Events